Travelling is one of the most exciting things a person can do. It is the chance to visit new places, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Travel can be either for the purpose of business or pleasure. If you are someone that is hoping to travel abroad, then here are a few essentials you must prepare with before you embark on your journey to see new places.

These recent times have shown a large increase in the rate of people traveling abroad. As the numbers increase, the people’s need for a change of scenery and culture also change. This is one of the main reasons why many people have started to travel to East Asian countries, more specifically China, Korea and Hong Kong. As much as they have healthy business natures, they also offer a more relaxed environment for those that are seeking such. Here are a few things you need to do and bring on your trip.

Communication- this is one of the most vital parts to have with you when travelling. It is a safety necessity. When travelling requires you to leave the boundaries of your country, then naturally the methods of communication will vary too. Most mobile networks allow roaming which means you are able to contact people; however the call charges are extremely expensive. This is why it is most advisable for you to by sim cards which work locally. For example if you are visiting China then the most cost-efficient choice for you would be buy sim card. Most mobile network service providers will offer you a good variety of sim card China to suit your needs.

Much like what is said above, a similar approach could be take when travelling anywhere such as prepaid sim card services to those who are planning to travel to South Korea. It is crucial to always sort out your communication methods before embarking on a journey as it makes it possible for you to keep in touch with your loved ones and others at all times.

Security- in addition to being able to communicate with others, there are other ways in which one must ensure their safety. The most important document you must have on you is your passport. It is vital to keep it safe at all times and to keep as many copies of it as possible to prove citizenship should you lose it. Money is something that also must be kept secure. The best tip is to not have a large sum of money on you and to keep in touch with your bank to maintain security. Travelling may be fun and exciting; but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Nokia was one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Nokia was so popular that they would release model after model and enjoyed unprecedented sales. Nokia’s initial foray into the mobile phone industry began in the early 90s. The Nokia 1011 was the first phone by Nokia that was intended for commercial availability. The phone featured a monochrome LCD and extendable antenna. It was an expensive device and only a few were able to afford it. At this time Motorola was the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world.
Motorola continued being the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world until 1998 when Nokia overtook them.

The turn of the millennium was a successful time for Nokia. With the demand for mobile phones rising and new innovations, Nokia became highly successful. Nokia was also one of the pioneers in mobile gaming because they preloaded Snake on phones released by them and many consumers enjoyed playing these games.On June 26th 2002 Nokia released the first camera phone.

It was also the first phone with Nokia’s Symbian OS which helped Nokia extend their lifespan by a little more in the smartphone industry. The phone ran on merely 104 MHz CPU and 4 MB RAM. At the time this was one of the most powerful devices. Nokia went out to become the most successful camera phone maker with model after model being released. Nokia Phones were also known for being strong. A drop wouldn’t cause much damage. Even if broken it was very cheap to make these phones. Most smartphones today tend to always break when dropped. An apple iPhone screen repair would be required if an iPhone drops as they are easily susceptible to screen cracks.

Nokia’s Symbian platform found success from the mid to late 2000s with the release of Nokia’s Nseries of phones. The Nseries were high-end multimedia smartphones  that continued until 2011 when it was replaced by Nokia’s Lumia series. At its popularity Nokia released popular Nseries smartphones such as the N93, N70, N73, N82, N95 and N97 were some of the models. All these phones were powered by the Symbian OS and when the competition started heating up; the OS became outdated and was not as user friendly as iOS and Android OS.

The advantage these devices hard as stated above were that they had a strong build and unlike a Galaxy S7 or iphone 6 repair at  iMasters being required for the smallest drops.As sales started falling Nokia partnered with Microsoft to release Windows Phone devices under Nokia’s Lumia series of smartphones. Even with this agreement Nokia started facing huge losses. Windows Phone was not as popular as the competition. Nokia release feature phones under the Asha name in developing countries but this too was not enough to improve Nokia’s financial standing.

In September Nokia announced that Nokia’s mobile phone division was being purchased by Microsoft and the sale was completed in April 2014. Even after the sale none of Nokia’s devices were able to sell enough and Microsoft re-sold the mobile division to FIH Mobile. Currently there are few devices that are being manufactured by the new company. All these devices run on Android. Some are to be released in the near future. Nokia may have lost all its former glory but upcoming years hold the answer to Nokia’s future.